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Nice[naɪs]. Sagittarian. Cassiopeia '04. Jaejoong. Yoochun. Junsu. Changmin. Yunho. Andrew Simon Joon Mercutio Cheng aka Jung Joon Young. BOICE. Penguins. Dreamer. Nice, France.
  • Changmin: I think that if one of the members is gone, then this wouldn't be DBSK. Only if the 5 of us are together & feel the same, then that's when we use the name, DBSK & show ourselves as DBSK.
  • Junsu: We're like a family. They're like close brothers to me. So, they're like family to me too.
  • Yunho: DBSK is a group where we're one with all the members.
The arms!!! Yummy!!! Hahahaha…